When planning your garden, choosing a good topsoil is imperative for your garden to thrive. Our topsoil is screened on site and kept in a covered area to ensure it is kept dry and easy to work with.

Not only do we offer screened topsoil, we also offer unscreened topsoil. It has a course consistency made up of large and small soil particles which makes it well suited for a subsoil base. A layer of screened topsoil can then be added on top for a smooth finish.

We currently sell our screened and unscreened topsoil loose and our screened topsoil in 30 litre bags.

Screened Topsoil
Bagged Topsoil

Sand and Grit/Sand Mix

Our horticultural sands and grit/sand mix are versatile products perfect for adding to composts for growing seeds and propagating cuttings. It is also perfect for mixing with heavy soil and can be used for topdressing lawns and improving lawn drainage.


Grit & Sand Mix

Peat and Organic Compost

The addition of this organic matter to soil helps provide nutrients and optimisms water management thus improving the performance of your plants.

Organic Compost